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The Hush (shh speak easy)

Just Because I Don’t Agree Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Get It.

The drinking day of drinking days is once again upon us. On Saturday, hordes of bros and broads will hit the streets of Chicago’s biggest bar neighborhoods. Clad in their gaudiest green white and orange, they will set their minds and livers to a collective goal. That goal is to get as fucked up as […]

Stop Being Ironically Stupid

Thus far this blog has simply been a lighthearted and often crude look into what it is we do over at Chicago Prohibition Tours. We talk about drinking or about meeting people in the service industry and try to stay above the fray of current events. However, and make no mistake about this, we are […]

Drunk On A Wednesday

Drunk On A Wednesday?  Yep, all in a day’s work Occasionally when we’re in between posts on historical figures or simply doing research for other projects, we neglect this blog. It is usually at that point that Porter sends me off to pick a bar, order some drinks, and then write about them.  I know; […]

Know Your Bartender I

One of the features of “The Hush” that we’re most excited about is an ongoing series that I’m calling “Know Your Bartender”. These will be a series of posts on some of our favorite barkeeps in the city. Make no mistake about this, this isn’t going to be some highfalutin nonsense about who we want […]

A Time To Drink

What do you write about when it’s time to start the new blog for your new company? Do you write about the idea behind the company? Maybe, do you write about the start up process? Maybe, the research process? Do you write about yourself? Your Partner? Why? That’s all so mundane and boring. Not to […]

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